Products I LOVE: Beauty Addition

I have discovered some fantastic products over my 26 years of life. And they all have one thing in common: I love them. I do not just like them, these are products I never stray from. They are my backbone, they are what makes me me. Okay, that’s way too dramatic, but I do love them. Let’s get to it. I have hyperlinked all the titles, so you can easily click to learn more or purchase.

Native Deodorant 

fullsizerender (8)

Trust me when I tell you that I have tried a lot of natural deodorant. I decided to try out natural deodorant quite awhile ago when the typical aluminum deodorant was found to be strongly linked to breast cancer in women. However, none of it worked, and I always ended up back with a Secret deodorant. Finally, I found Native. And it has been a game changer. It has gotten #1 natural deodorant on all the blogs I have read. But you have to GIVE IT A CHANCE. Meaning, your body has to go through a detox phase, and you are not allowed to use any type of aluminum deodorant during that time. So suck it up, smell a little, sweat a lot, and embrace your Native deodorant. It gets better. I do reapply throughout the day sometimes, but I don’t have a problem with that. I will go entire beach volleyball tournaments without reapplying, and no one tells me I smell (and I ask people too ;)).

Tip: maybe Native isn’t for you, but at least starting checking out deodorants that are “aluminum free.” Aluminum is what clogs your pores so you don’t sweat and that is not good for you.

Double tip: you won’t find Native at just any store. Currently, Re*Imagine in downtown St Joe (for my local people) and Target has them. Otherwise, buy online (pretty sure not even Amazon carries it).

Batiste Dry Shampoo – with a hint of color

fullsizerender (3)

The biggest game changer in the history of game changers. If you have dark colored hair, this is an absolute must have. Out of all the products I am sharing today, this one is my favorite. It sprays in with some color (so don’t spray your face) and not with that starch white color that makes you look like you have grey hair. I can go days without showering (which I do, judge me – I actually really don’t care). I have super oily (aka greasy) hair, and if I shower in the morning – normally by evening, my hair is already looking a little oily. They have some for lighter brunettes, blondes, and tons of delicious scents. Enjoy and thank me later!

Tip: Spray it in, do your makeup or any other activity, and then rub it in and brush it. Works even better!

M.A.D. Brightening Serum

fullsizerender (9)

Okay, normally I believe stuff like this doesn’t work, and I would never purchase it on it’s own. However, I had signed up for Ipsy (I highly recommend this beauty service as well),and I received this. It is AMAZING to lighten up acne scars. It doesn’t make them disappear, but the redness significantly goes down the next morning when I wake up. They have a lot of other products, but this is the only one I have tried, and I would really recommend it if you have some old scars/spots you’d like to lighten up.

Flint Lint

fullsizerender (1)















Honestly, the best lint roller ever. It’s a little more expensive, but it is small, easy to throw in your purse, and works the best BY FAR. Do you see that extremely fluffy, white animal? He destroys my clothes with his fur. Flint lint works the best to remove all the hair.

Fun story: I had a friend (Sara!) stay the night before she had to go catch a plane and travel the world. She woke up with her black leggings and black zip-up covered in fur. I gave her a normal lint roller – she was still covered. She was like “well, I guess Dreamy is coming with me for all of my travels.” Then, I went and got her flint lint – all hair GONE. It’s really the best. If you have shedding animals, you need this.

Neutrogena Body Oil

fullsizerender (7)

I normally put on lotion after every shower. I have done this since high school, and it just adds to the lengthy process of getting ready for the day (or for bed). Then, I discovered this. You put it on before you even dry off. I keep mine in my shower, and when I am done, just shake some excess water off of me, then I put this all over and pat dry. It takes me less than 30 seconds, and I don’t have to worry about lotion. Plus, it makes my skin feel SUPER soft and works just as well as lotion. As you can see, I used it all before I got a photo. But thanks to Melissa for the huge, new bottle!


Dr. Bronner’s

^^Click Dr. Bronner’s link above and check out the great sale at Ulta for this soap!^^

fullsizerender (5)















This soap is full of ingredients that are good for you (the most important thing to me). And it has 18 purposes that are all listed on the bottle. But I’ll name a few: soap, shampoo, fruit/veggie cleaner, laundry, cleaning. It tells you how much to use (which is not a lot!). This stuff lasts forever because it’s so concentrated, a little bit goes a long ways. All the scents are great, but this one has a slight cooling effect. Which is surprising on your nether regions if you use it as soap. ;D

Bonus: the whole bottle is interesting to read. So, if you are bored in the shower (or on the toilet and forgot your phone), this will keep you occupied for awhile!

Wet Brush

fullsizerender (2)

I can guarantee you that my hair gets more tangled and knotted than anyone else (okay, my boyfriend might have me beat on that). But it’s seriously so bad, and I have a sensitive scalp. This brush lets me pull, yank, and brush as hard as I can without hurting myself. It’s a small miracle in a brush. If you’ve tried it, you will never (ever) go back to another brush.

Fun story: my sister ordered this brush after trying mine. I was at her house the day the brush was suppose to arrive. She had just gotten out of the shower, and instead of brushing her hair with her old brush, she actually waited till the new Wet Brush arrived so she could use that instead. It is just THAT good.

These are just a few of my favorite beauty products! Let me know if you have questions on any of them. I am not sponsored in any way by any of these companies, I am just sharing the very best stuff because the world deserves to know.

Leave a comment if you have tried any of these or have other products that are a total MUST TRY!

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